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Salisbury Highway

As well as a state of the art laboratory we have a fully equipped surgery, digital X-rays and dentistry equipment. This can give you the confidence that your much loved pet will be well looked after should they need treatment.

Whites Road

A well-socialised and well trained dog is a pleasure to own. However, to gain the benefits of having a good dog, it is imperative to train and socialise your dog throughout their entire life, but particularly when they are young. We offer state of the art puppy schools with a qualified and experienced trainer. Please click on the topic that interests you to find out more.

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Dr Ian McBryde BVMS

Veterinarian & Practice Owner

I graduated from Murdoch Uni Vet School in 1981 and spent a year shared in rural and city practices. I then moved to Salisbury Highway where I was doing about 50% companion animal practice & 50% equine.

I became a partner in the practice in 1985 and became proprietor in 1987 when my partner Andrew Black decided to undertake a new life as a NSW farmer.

Since then with the development of the Salisbury District and the dwindling fortunes of the equine endeavours the practice increased its companion animal role until in 2001 I retired from horse work.


Dr David Porublev DVM


I completed my veterinary science degree at the University of Adelaide (Roseworthy Campus) as part of the inaugural graduating class.

As I have grown up in Salisbury and attended Salisbury East High School, after graduating I was keen to gain employment close to home. Since starting work at SHVS, I have developed a strong interest in veterinary dentistry.

However, I also enjoy all the other aspects of my job. At home I live with my 3 cats and a turtle.


Dr Ellen McBryde


I qualified as a vet from Adelaide University (Roseworthy Campus) in 2016 and rejoined the team in January 2017.

I am keen to develop the "pocket pet" side of the practice as I have an interest in small animals such as rabbits, rats and guinea pigs. My other area of interest is imaging (radiographs and ultrasound). The practice hopes to invest in an ultrasound in the near future.

As the daughter of Ian McBryde, I have grown up around animals and veterinary science. In addition to working at SHVS, I continue to work one day a week at Adelaide University supervising students during their surgical rotation.

You will see me at both our Salisbury Highway and Whites Road premises.


Leah Chapman

Senior Veterinary Nurse

I joined the SHVS team in April, 2002 and am a qualified veterinary nurse. I spend much of my time looking after hospitalised and surgery patients.

This includes monitoring anaesthetics, post operative care, organising discharge instructions and general patient care. However, my main interest at the surgery is dentistry where I perform most of the scaling and polishing of our dental patients.

I help maintain our specialised laboratory equipment and am responsible for ordering prescription pet foods for our patients.

I have 2 young children, a Kelpie and a cat, and live in the outer northern area of Adelaide. Along with the family life, my husband and I show and breed ponies.


Kerryn Dowell

Veterinary Nurse

I started working at Salisbury Highway Veterinary Surgery in May 2017 after working in the veterinary industry for 7 years.

I am currently studying for my Delta Certificate in animal behaviour and I am SHVS' Puppy Preschool Trainer.

When not at work, I enjoy spending time with my two dogs, two cats, and the turtle.


Julie Laughton

Veterinary Nurse

I have been working on and off at SHVS as a veterinary nurse since 2005. I enjoy working in a wide range of areas throughout the clinic, and being part of a dynamic and dedicated team.

I have a large menagerie of my own pets at home, and I spend a lot of my spare time training and showing my horses.


Ellie Wilson

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I joined the team in January 2018 and I am very eager to learn all aspects of the profession.

I am currently studying for my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. When not at work I enjoy taking my dog "Skid" for walks in the park and at the beach.

Support Staff

Michele Heywood

Practice Manager

I joined the team at Salisbury Highway over 20 years ago working one shift a week and relieving. Since starting I have received my qualifications in Veterinary Nursing and have been working as the Practice Manager for over 10 years.

In my role as Practice Manager I manage many different areas of the practice from rostering staff to seeing industry representatives to everyday troubleshooting and occasionally some vet nursing tasks which I still find very rewarding. In my spare time I like to spend time in the garden, listening to music, reading a good book and spending time with my dog and cat that I gained as strays through the surgery.


Sarah Brydon


I work on reception which I enjoy very much as I get the chance to interact with other staff, clients and pets.

When not at work I keep busy looking after my family and Jack Russell Terrier, Poppy. On rare occasions (whenever I get the chance) I love to indulge in scrapbooking and baking.


Philippa Lynch

Nurse Aid

I have been working at SHVS as a nurse assistant since November, 2005. I have a wide variety of duties which range from assisting the nurses, working on reception, cleaning and running blood tests (which is my favourite).

Working with animals is a very rewarding and satisfying job with different things happening every day.

When not at work I enjoy walking my dog, Chloe, and spending time outdoors.



The surgery utilises a range of equipment and instruments to ensure your pet receives modern veterinary care while maximising safety and minimising stress.

As well as a state of the art laboratory we have a fully equipped surgery, digital X-rays and dentistry equipment. This can give you the confidence that your much loved pet will be well looked after should they need treatment.


Although often necessary, surgery can be a stressful time for you and your pet. Have peace of mind knowing that one of our highly-trained nurses will be monitoring your pet’s anaesthetic throughout their procedure.

We monitor and record your pet’s blood pressure, pulse and respiration rate, oxygenation, and temperature for every anaesthetic. All our surgical patients receive intravenous fluid therapy as standard. We have heating apparatus including Darvall heated anaesthetic tubing to maintain your pet’s temperature throughout their anaesthetic, assisting a quick and smooth recovery. In the hospital we have dedicated dog and cat areas with individual housing for your pet’s comfort.


Do you know the difference between a behaviour problem and a problem behaviour? We’re here to help! We provide dedicated behavioural and training consultations with our senior veterinarian, Dr Ian McBryde, and Cert IV veterinary nurse, Kerryn Dowell (currently undertaking her Delta Dog Training certification).

We stock a wide range of training aids – these can provide environmental enrichment for your pet to help keep them occupied and stimulated at home. We can also organise time for harness or head collar fitting and provide training advice on walking aids.


80% of dogs and 70% of cats over 3 years old have some form of periodontal (dental) disease. Dental disease causes bad breath (halitosis) and pain, it is also a source of infection and can make your pet seriously ill.

Dental disease is preventable in the vast majority of cases and in most cases, easy to achieve at home. There are many different methods to keep your pet's "pearly white" teeth and these should be started while they are puppies and kittens.

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Pre School provides positive association with the surgery and teaches your puppy comfortability in these situations. They will learn to play and interact positively with other puppies.

Classes run on Wednesday evenings for 3 weeks and are held by Kerryn, a Veterinary Nurse and Dog Behavioural Trainer.


We believe daily nutrition is the single most important thing you can do to enrich and lengthen the special relationship you have with your pet.


There are so many pet products available today that even a trip to the supermarket can be overwhelming! But don't worry, we're here to help. We stock a wide range of vet-approved pet products, along with up-to-date knowledge and advice.

Prevention is better than cure! We stock a range of preventative health care products for dogs and cats and are here to help what works best for you and your pet.

Payment Plans

We know first hand that vet bills don’t always come at a convenient time! Payment options mean your pet can get the treatment and care they need, when they need it. You can apply online or get in touch! We can assist you with your application in-clinic (by appointment only) or provide you with more information to help you determine which payment option is best for you. Please be aware we do not provide accounts.

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(08) 8258 7978

(08) 8258 7978